Monday, December 25, 2017

Thank you for an amazing 2017!

Thank you for an amazing 2017! I love to share this year's highlights with you.

Jendrik, a friend from my MBA program, came to visit in January. I love sharing my new home with visitors!

The resistance: Together with my friends Mayra and Felix, I joined the SF Women's March. 

The Oscar's were quite political as well. 

I am proud that my friend Barry Jenkins won the Oscar for Moonlight in the end. 

Christoph, my former roommate, came to visit to extend his Greencard and get a taste of life in San Francisco.

Carlos and I got to enjoy an intimate Airbnb concert. 

I went to see my first Golden State Warriors basketball game in Oakland with my fellow female affinity group leaders at Airbnb.  
Carlos and I spent a weekend with friends in Pismo Beach. 
At the age of 32, I had my wisdom teeth removed and enjoyed soup and shakes for a week...

I spent a week in London with friends and coworkers. 

My parents visited me for the first time and my friend Alex and his family moved to San Francisco for a few months.
I also joined a female leadership program organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in DC and NYC. 
Carlos and I flew to Seoul to attend our friends' Ju & Lawrence wedding. 

We are thankful to have friends all over the world like Sang who made time and hosted us for an unforgettable dinner. 


I spent a few days in Paris for work and also met my Erasmus friend Lisa for brunch.
My sister Susi and her husband Ben came to visit me in San Francisco as well. They started in SF and toured California.

We cycled across the Gold Gate bridge and took the ferry back from Sausalito.

I moved to a new apartment in the Italian neighborhood North Beach with my Austrian coworker Nico.

I celebrated my 6 year anniversary at Airbnb on July 1. 

I participated in Airbnb's new Recharge program and took 9 weeks off to explore my new neighborhood and travel to Spain, Germany and Tulum. 

Our friends Miri and Roman invited us to their wedding in Tegernsee.

My friend and co-founder of, Jörg, visited from Hamburg during San Francisco's heat wave and I traveled to Big Sur with my friends Miri and Lisa. I also joined the German government's startup accelerator as a mentor.

Carlos and I did a road trip through California and Nevada. We camped and stayed in beautiful Airbnbs like this old Victorian house in Virginia City.

Together with my friend Andrew, I started taking conversational Spanish classes.

Our friends Natalia and Marek hosted us on Halloween.

On Nov 1, after 6.5 years, I quit my job at Airbnb to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. 

You can read my farewell email to my colleagues and highlights of my career at Airbnb here.

Carlos and I spent the holidays in Spain and Germany with our families.

I wish you all happy holidays with your loved ones and hope to see you soon in 2018! Come visit me in San Francisco or catch me somewhere around the world. ;) 

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