Saturday, December 24, 2016

Thank you for an amazing 2016!

I started 2016 with travel. I returned from a two week vacation in Panama with Inna and Samiha and went to Aptos with Carlos and skiing in Tahoe with the Germans. Mayra, Kerstin, Felix and I started a fake company during our long car ride back: The Puking Ponies. We are still debating who the CEO is...

My wonderful beloved grandmother passed away in February. I miss her every day!

I had many visitors in 2016. Natalia who I met in DC in 2008, came to visit in March and we spent some quality time together!

I finally took the California driver`s license test and passed "with excellence". 

Inna spent a few days in San Francisco networking with local entrepreneurs and researching for her next endeavor.



Carlos and I went to Germany (his first time), spending a day in Iceland sponsored by WOW air, exploring Berlin in summer and celebrating my sister`s wedding.

Together with five other expats, I booked a beautiful Airbnb house in Tahoe and celebrated July 4!

I am very honored I was accepted into the Atlantik-Brücke Young Leaders Program and spent a full week at Starnberger See with American and German fellows discussing global politics! 


After more than five years in Airbnb`s Public Policy team, I changed jobs internally to work in startup mode again on our new Trips platform in a Business Affairs function. I also joined Wimbify as their first female advisor! 


Carlos and I spent some days in LA testing Airbnb`s new experiences gluten free cooking and making key changes for the homeless.


I could not believe that Trump got elected President over Hillary. In California, we are still in shock and denial. After this long and ugly campaign, Thanksgiving was a good reminder to focus on what really matters in life: spending time with friends and family.

I will be spending December traveling trough Cuba, Spain and Germany. I wish you all happy holidays with your loved ones and hope to see you soon in 2017! Come visit me in San Francisco or catch me somewhere around the world. ;) 

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